• Happy New Year! This year we resolve to become your
    Happy New Year! This year we resolve to become your favourite l'il shop in all the land! We thrive on your input so let us know what you'd like to see more of in the coming year! The store will be closed today and tomorrow and will re-open on Thursday Jan 2, regular hours, 11-5. Assuming of course, we can get out of here, we are officially snowed in! (Check our stories to see what we're up to!) Have a wonderful  #NYE  wherever you are!
  • This stuff right here is the reason why my houseplants
    This stuff right here is the reason why my houseplants are alive and well. People seem to assume I'm good with plants but the truth is, I'm good with weeds and potions but not so much plants that rely on me for everyyyything. Enter  @strathcona1890 's amazing tonic- I started feeding this miracle potion to my houseplants a few years ago and let me tell you, it's incredible how my indoor plants have thrived since then! Well, as long as I remember to feed them, that is ha ha. Plus, I love reusing the vintagey glass bottle when the tonic is
  • The human race is a very very magical race We
    The human race is a very, very magical race. We have a magic power of witches and wizards. We're here on this earth to unravel the mystery of this planet. The planet is asking for it. ~Yoko Ono
  • Now available in the shop! WOLF MOON This pure and
    Now available in the shop! ○WOLF MOON○ This pure and naturally soothing lip balm helps protect and soften your lips with a selection of emollient botanicals while imparting a sheer plum blush. Lightly flavoured with cinnamon, mint, vanilla and a hint of cognac, gentle enough for sensitive lips. Cocoa butter, hemp seed oil, carrot tissue oil and our signature blend of wild harvested and home grown botanicals offer nourishment and protection from the elements. 100% natural, in a recyclable plastic tube. Made with love on the full wolf moon in January, 2020 by  @elementbotanicals . This, along with a handful of
  • Well lookie what just flew into the shop!!! We are
    Well lookie what just flew into the shop!!! We are so excited to have a fresh selection of broom/besoms by the incredibly talented  @solcailleach ! Each one is meticulously made and utterly unique and beautiful. Which one speaks to you!?
  • We will be closed tomorrow Thursday January 2nd due to
    We will be closed tomorrow, Thursday January 2nd, due to crazy amounts of snow on our mountainside! We have lived here for 10 years and never seen this type of storm. Trees breaking from the weight of the snow, power was knocked out yesterday morning and just came back on, we had a candlelight New Year's fondue anyway! Hope the roads are clear enough by Friday to reopen, we'll keep you posted. Stay safe out there!
  • Which one is your favourite? I cant possibly choose just
    Which one is your favourite? I can't possibly choose just one of these cards, fresh in from  @craftboner ! I am having waaaaay too much fun stocking this shop with things that frankly, I just want to buy. ‍♀️ Check out our stories to see more!
  • Repost from sleeplessstoryteller If youre in the Okanagan and happen
    Repost from  @sleeplessstoryteller  "If you're in the Okanagan and happen to be looking for a last minute gift, go check out my consignment selection at  @wild_craft_shop . Even if these pieces don't jump out at you (and photos here are just a few of what's available) their selection of natural care products is bound to impress. Personally, I love the entire Potion line from  @elementbotanicals , plus the Ritual spray, and Seer incense cones. Go grab something special today!"
  • We hope you all had  are having! a wonderful
    We hope you all had (+ are having!) a wonderful holiday. Thank you so so SO much for the mind blowing support over the holidays- it was totally wild, we are overwhelmed and humbled by the support for our lil shop from this community! We are taking a break but our lovely helper  @angelamudra  will be at the store, regular hours 11-5, start today. Lots of holiday stock is on sale, so check it out before it's gone! Here's one last shot of the Yule decorations, they are just making their exit and I'm already dreaming about next year's...
  • The best bread we have EVER had is coming to
    The best bread we have EVER had is coming to the shop!  @forestandfood_fixation  makes incredible creations featuring wild ingredients and will be delivering a handful of very special loaves tomorrow! We are going to have a small selection dropped off on Fridays, just a few to start out so if this interests you (and it really should!) Make sure to come by and snag one! Feel free to DM me or call the shop to hold onto one, they won't last long... Update: sold out by 1pm! Next delivery Friday January 24th! PS the store is closed today due to
  • Hello WOLF skull!!! Hes got a gold tooth you know
    Hello WOLF skull!!! He's got a gold tooth, you know he's hardcore! I'm not sure if I'll be able to part with this one. Come see more skulls and so much new stuff coming in daily! Peep our stories to see what else is new!
  • We are snowed in again! The store wont be open
    We are snowed in again! The store won't be open today, so instead we will hunker down in our apothecary and work on some new potions and work on restocking in the aftermath of the holiday madness! (Like pouring more of our immune boosting tincture for example!) Have a beautiful day wherever you are and stay cozy!

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