Boreal Folk

We bring you products that are natural, plant-based and wild crafted.

We create our goods by hand in our 99 sq foot mobile workshop. Striving to keep a low ecological footprint is dear to our hearts. Our minimal packaging consists of recyclable, compostable and reusable materials.

Our products are made in our wilderness lab. This captures the essence of the place these wild plants thrive. We selectively choose medicinal weeds that are growing in thriving communities and carefully harvest them using sustainable methods. We believe that wild plants are more potent than their modified, farmed counterparts which is why we seek them out in their natural habitat.

With the best intentions for your skin in mind, we seek out the finest oils, plant-based butters, clay and steam distilled essential oils. We trust that beauty is found by using simple, highly effective products that share with you the healing powers of nature.
Holding nature dear to our core values, we create our products as an ode to our vast Canadian wilderness.
We invite you to join us and enjoy the rituals of a wild skincare routine.

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