The design of our bags is inspired by furoshiki, the Japanese method of using fabric to wrap your goods. Our goal was to take the fuss out of folding, so we created a bag that only needs to be tied and is easily stored. With more and more people living in smaller homes where space is precious, it was important that we create a bag that took up little space when not in use (which also makes it great for travel). We wanted the aesthetic and functionality to be carried throughout our line, so all our bags are based off of one pattern, scaled up or down to serve different needs.

Our big bags can be used for shopping, as an everyday purse, or for specific occasions like going to the beach. They can be self tied, or used with our leather handles. Our smaller bags can be used for produce, keeping bread fresh, or as zero-waste gift wrapping. That's the beauty of these bags, you can use them however you please.

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